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How to Hack Someone’s Phone Remotely: 100% Working Solution

Are you planning to spy on your kid’s whereabouts? Do you think your partner is having an extramarital affair? Do you wish to confirm things going behind your back? If this is your case, hacking the target person’s phone can be the best way to get the air cleared. But how to hack a cell phone remotely? 

Hacking a mobile seems quite a challenging task at first, but it slowly turns out to be a cakewalk when you get to know the secrets of hacking a phone. So if you are someone who is searching for ways on how to hack into someone’s phone remotely, this guide is going to prove helpful for you. In this article, we will bring a few methods people use to hack others’ cell phones remotely.

Ways to Hack a Cell Phone Remotely

Here are the most common ways you can use to break into someone’s phone.


Gaining access to the email account that is synchronized with someone’s phone is another way to remotely hack someone’s Android phone. If you have all the email credentials handy with you, you can gain full access over the target phone. 

For getting the login credentials, hackers usually lure the target person to visit certain fake sites where the target logs in using their ID and password. Once they complete the login process, the data is phished and is further used by the hacker to spy on the target phone. 

However, this method’s downside is that the credentials can only be phished when the target person actually provides the information on fake websites that mimics the real ones. The target person cannot detect phishing until and unless they have installed anti-virus software on their phone.

Wi-Fi Interception

Another popular method to hack a mobile phone remotely is by using the Wi-Fi method. All you need to do is set up a free Wi-Fi network, waiting for the target phone to connect to the network. Such a Wi-Fi network can be set up by any café, office space, or any public space that allows free Wi-Fi access. And once you succeed in doing the same, the target phone’s unencrypted traffic can be intercepted via the Wi-Fi network. 

A downside to this method is that there are restrictions to the access elements of the target. First of all, the hacker can only access the unencrypted data. Secondly, all data can be accessed through the Wi-Fi interception method; it stays limited to emails and messages. Also, the hacker needs to be at the same place where the target and hotspot are accessible. 

Spam Messages

If you are a tech-geek, you may be aware that a person can have full access over one’s phone if they have the target’s Google account credentials. May it be the social media account or text messages, financial account details, photos, etc. All can be hacked as quickly as a wink if the hacker has the Google ID credentials. 

To gain access to the credentials, hackers use the spam message technique to gain possession of the credentials using security codes. The Google verification code is sent to the users via message, and the hackers use the spam message technique to gain access to such security code. 

Spy Apps

Spy app is an excellent software that is highly handy to access someone’s phone remotely. These hacking apps are easy to use and allow instant access to the target phone’s data and information, requiring you to be a great hacker to perform the phone-hacking task. The spy apps offer a plethora of functionalities and features that make it the most popular way used for hacking purposes. 

Spy apps like Minspy allow hackers to gain access to the target phone’s emails, text messages, media, allows phone call recording, and social media; the list is simply endless. Based on the things you are planning to hack on someone else’s phone, these apps have a lot of functionality to get acquainted with before getting started with remote phone hacking.

What’s more, when it comes to how to hack someone’s phone remotely for free, spy apps also come in handy. Most of them offer a 7-day free trial to become more familiar with the app.

Control Message

If you are thinking of more ways on how to remotely hack someone’s phone and have an urge to gain full control over the target phone, you can consider sending a control message at first. After being successful1, one can directly access the phone settings and alter them as per their requirements. This is primarily useful for changing the configurations, which permits disabling SSL services to stop encryption. Further, the hacker can delete data from the device as per their wish.

A significant drawback of this method is that it cannot work on all phones and has limited spy options. These apps can help you spy on phones that are not highly secured.


Though hacking is not an easy-go-lucky procedure, it is undoubtedly doable. And, the best part is that you do not need high-end coding skills and proficiency to gain mastery at hacking someone else’s phone remotely. 

There are various ways to hack cell phones, spy apps being one of the most common and easiest ways to do the same. By now, you must have gained a brief idea about how to use spy apps for hacking someone’s phone remotely. Right? So, if you are someone doubting your kid or partner, you can consider installing the spy app to get started with the spying process. 

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